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Witold Sadaj - instruktortenisa.com

We offer group and individual tennis lessons all year round on different courts in Kraków.

Prices for Spring/Summer season 2022 – outdoor courts

Individual lessons

65 PLN + tennis court rental cost (approx. 110 PLN, total cost depends on location and lesson schedule) per hour

Group lessons

(4x 55 minutes lessons per month)
Two persons in a group – 260 PLN per month per person
Three persons in a group – 210 PLN per month per person
Four persons in a group – 180 PLN per month per person
Prices include: a tennis lesson with an instructor, tennis court and equipment rental costs


e-mail: witek.sadaj@gmail.com
phone: +48 796 760 567 (Mon-Fri 9:00-16:00 CET), +48 505 946 508 (after 16:00 CET and during weekends)

If you do not have your own racket we provide ours. That’s included in all prices.

Participation in the classes is tantamount to accepting the Terms and Conditions which you can read here.

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