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Witold Sadaj - instruktortenisa.com

We offer group and individual tennis lessons all year round on different courts in Kraków.

Prices from the 18th of April 2019

Individual lessons
60 PLN + tennis court rental cost (approx. 30-40 PLN, total cost depends on location and lesson schedule) per hour

Group lessons (4x 55 minutes lessons per month)
Two persons in a group – 240 PLN per month per person
Three persons in a group – 190 PLN per month per person
Four persons in a group – 155 PLN per month per person
Prices include: a tennis lesson with an instructor, tennis court and equipment rental costs.

e-mail: witek.sadaj@gmail.com
phone: +48 796 760 567 (Mon-Fri 9:00-16:00 CET), +48 505 946 508 (after 16:00 CET and weekends)

If you do not have your own racket we provide ours. That’s included in all prices.

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